Suggestions Please - Single Card for 4-6 WUXGA Monitor Setup?

Hi card pros!

I am a novice when it comes to video cards so I thought I should go here for some advice. Today I have a desktop with multiple cards supporting six WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution monitors. I use this for photoshop, design, trading etc, which means 99% no gaming or other GPU intensive stuff.

Now however I am going with a laptop only setup and will be buying a "Vidock" from Villiage Instruments.( A Vidock is essentially an external video card case which is connected to your laptop via an ExpressCard.

Now my question is; are there any reasonably cheap video cards that can handle all of my monitors? I could go with "just" 4 and then let my laptop dock manage the 2 other ones, but I would prefer something that handles the whole enchilada. There are of course the Eyefinity6 cards, but they are quite pricey and probably wont fit the case anyway. I have also been looking at those external USB3 DisplayLink adapters but..I am sceptic :)

Low power consumption, passive cooling etc would be great, but doesnt really matter. Likewise the connection interface - HDMI/DP/VGA etc does not matter much either.

Hoping for some help and suggestions. Thx!:)
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  1. Yea a 7750 should do the trick, and its low power consumption as in runs off PCI Express power instead of through the power supply

    You notice there is only 3 display ports so you will have to get an adapter but it supports the amount of monitors you desire
  2. Thx Rockdpm! I assume this would be for the four monitor setup right? I found another version of the same card:

    ..which has two dual-link DVI connectors. Maybe that would do the trick for all six monitors?

    Do I need an "active" adapter connecting HDMI/DP to DVI?

    Forgot to write I will be using this with Win7/64bit.
  3. Yes thats a better card but its out of stock... wait for it to come back into avail then buy it
  4. I think you HAVE to have an Eyefinity card to run 6 monitors. That or multiple cards. Read the first few posts here.

    I'd go for this.
  5. Hi Nolo!

    Any special reason you like that one better? Thx
  6. Well other than you won't need as many adapters and its a little more powerful...
  7. Pretty sure there are NO inexpensive cards that support MORE than three monitors.

    Also, I looked up this box and it uses an ExpressCard output. I'm not sure how they can even suggest you can GAME using this. I believe ExpressCard output is about 500MB/second. Compare this to:
    PCI-e v2, x8 (has 8x the bandwidth)
    PCI-e v2, x16 (has 16x the bandwidth)

    Most cards won't use the full x8 bandwidth but considering the difference it's something to be concerned with.

    Even non-gaming use requires a certain amount of bandwidth. I'm not sure if you could even support six monitors just based on bandwidth alone.

    IMO, you'd be far, far better off with a desktop. Not sure why yours is being scrapped (too old?) but you could easily build one for a little more than the price of that BOX since it's a non-gaming computer.

    Important points:
    a) Bandwidth issues
    b) Reasonably priced graphics card only supports three monitors
    c) Video box is fairly pricy
    d) Desktop PC can be built for about $400 which would be far better IMO.
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