What is the best way to set up a computer with SSD and a SATA drive

I want to buy an SSD drive and combine it with my 1000 GB sata drive. What type of setup would yield me the best results? I read that there is two methods that are mainly used; 1) installed os and important programs on SSD and use the sata drive for storage 2) Use the SSD as a cache drive.
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  1. Personally, I would advise buying an 128GB or larger SSD (64GB will probably work, but will be tight), installing the OS, programs, and games on that, and using the HDD for storage.
  2. The three programs that i only use is Firefox, Microsoft Word and Starcraft 2. Maybe 64GB is enough?
  3. I know some use a 64 Gig SSD, But you will also find several post where the buyer regreated it down stream.

    For a starter: 64 gig formated is around 60 gigs. For SSDs it is HIGHLY recomended that you do NOT use more than 85% of the drive. This is so Wear leveling, Garbage Collector, and Trim Can work their magic keeping the drive close to manuf spec in terms of performance. So 64 gig drive really equals 51 gigs of usable space.

    Typical installation, NO games is around 30->35 gigs and that is withthe following tweaks:
    1) Disable hybernation
    2) Manage your virual memory (page file) by A) decreasing to 1024 mb or B) deleting it all to gether (if have 8 or more gigs of Ram) or C) move to HDD.
    3) Mange space that restore points can take, or disabling altogether.

    Don't forget to:
    1) Disconnect HDD and only have the SSD connected when you install OS.
    2) Prior to installing, verify, or set, BIOS HDD control to AHCI.
  4. 64GB would probably do, but prices have come down considerably in recent months which makes +120GB drives far more reasonable.

    A 60gb drive can be had for $50-60 these days, but find the right sale at a place like NCIX, newegg or tigerdirect and a 128GB can be anywhere from $50-90 depending on which generation of drive.
  5. Ok so i will buy a 128GB drive. I got two more questions:

    1) What brand should i be looking for in SSD?
    2) If i install Starcraft 2 on my SSD should i put my saved games and maps on my sata drive?
  6. Personally, before my SSD failed(gotta take it back for warranty), but I used mine for a boot drive, and load things like my web browsers, office programs on it. But install steam and games, apps on your hard drive. In fact, if you go into your profile, and right click on a folder and click properties, look for a tab that says location. You can actually change where Windows stores your files like your documents, music, pics etc. I recommend making those folders up somewhere on your hard drive and mapping your profile folders to it, that way you get the fast boot and loading, but you save max amount of space on the SSD.

    Honestly with Windows 8, I don't notice much difference in boot times between my SSD and a mechanical 250gb hard drive that I tossed in as a boot drive just to get by with.
  7. ^ Ouch. My windows 7 systems go from "start loading OS" to opening program in about 15 Sec. For My laptop Win 8 cut that to about 8 Sec. Can NOT count Post time as that is strickly MB/Bios controlled.

    My Recommendations on SSDs: Crucial M4, Samsung 830/840, Plextor M3/M5.
    Benchmarks will show differences, but when it comes down to day-to-day usage there is Not a big difference in performance. I USE reliability/least user problems as my main criteria. The 3 I listed are great drives.
    NOTE: the Samsung 840 pro is top of the line, But A) has Not been out long enough and B) is much more expensive. DO NOT recommend the NEW Crucial M5.

    I Have the 3 ea M4's and the 3 ea 830's along with about 7 other ones.
  8. Yeah, I think I'm honestly gonna take the store credit I get back and go for either a video card or put it toward a new ram, cpu and board.

    Running a little Athlon quad core with 6gb ddr2 on an AM2 board. GTS 450 for video card. But an FX 8120 or an 8320 and a 970 series board is sounding good. Thinking even if I grab one of those that supports SLI, grab a second GTS 450 off ebay for under 50 bucks and SLI them to hold me over.
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