I would like to display on 7 screens

Currently we have two ATI FirePro 2460 512MB video cards in an HP z800. It’s running windows 7 professional 64 bit. What we want to do is push 6 monitor displays with one monitor being duplicated on a TV across the room. This would be a total of 7 monitors. The issue we are having is that as soon as we turn the TV off the computer loses all its display settings. We want to avoid this issue, as the TV will not always be used. Really only used if we are giving a briefing.
Asking for help if anyone know how to resolve this issue. We have updated video drives. Changed the grouping of monitors. Checked connectors.
All the PC monitors are the same. The TV is a 60 inch smart TV.
We are willing to buy new video cards if we have to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :D
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  1. You want 6 independent display, but 1 duplicate or are all 7 capable of being independent?
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