How to disable internet explorer opening when i turn on my laptop

When I turn on my laptop after loading all the antivirus, charger , volume, and other i dont know programs,
internet explorer automatically opens a website

My problem= no problem

BUT Im mad because it feels not organize or, not as like before, turn on load all the programs and go..
don't want this please help i know you guys can help me....
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  1. This website appears when i turn on my laptop I dont know what startup item is this
  2. malware, run anti virus and malwarebytes.
  3. SweetIM?

    Your Explorer also has an extra toolbar, that might have been installed by the same adware.

    You can try to disable it from the startup list, and see what happens. But as much as I hate these, I'd rather suggest that you find it's entry in Control Panel->Programs->Programs and Features, and uninstall it altoghether.
  4. uninstalling sweeIM works but still 1 website opens
  5. When they are in, it's very hard to remove every trace.
    What is the result of the Malwarebytes scan?
  6. Back up your important files and data and reinstall Windows and the drivers that came with Laptop.
  7. I have windows defender and ESET nod 32 run every week nothing is detected...

    age040466 can do it im not an expert.. I have the CD but I dont know how

    My laptop is Lenovo G460e
  8. Service Manual, page 23: Restoring the factory contents by using OneKey Recovery

    User Guide, page 27: Using Lenovo OneKey Rescue system (without Windows operating system)
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