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This is a pic of the graphics card in my new rig and it seems to be bending, should I be worried? I know my cable management is bad atm but i plan to fix it once i know thst my graphics card is safe in that condition. It is a radeon hd 7950 thanks for any help!
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  1. If you can, see if you can try and use something as a stand for it. Put the stand at the lowest end. The problem is that the stand has to be the perfect size or it wont work. But that's a suggestion.
  2. they actually do make a prop ( support ) for that such thing. I have a couple of plastic wire ties wrapped around one of the power plugs and loop them through a hole in the hard drive bay somewhere above the card. does an adequate job an gives a sense of "relief" if you know what I mean. I don't like watching my cards bend and put pressure on the slot neither.
  3. It's unlikely to hurt anything. I've had cards bending far more on cheaper mobos and never had a problem. But if you don't like the aesthetics or want more piece of mind, do one of the above.
  4. Look up your case type, and look for a VGA bracket. Should hold your GPU. My HAF X came with one, but I don't use it. I really don't think a 7950 could be enough to put pressure on the slot, have you made sure wires are not pulling it down?

    I had a 690 in my system once, with the same board as yours (I had it in my system for a couple of minutes to check if it works with my friends computer, didn't work in his system), and it didn't bend at all. Very Strange.
  5. they seem to bend over time.
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