Will the new Power Editions be less powerful?

As the topic suggests, will the new "fixed" power edition 660, 660 ti, and 670s be less powerful than the pre"fixed" models?

My guess since they haven't changed their specs is that they will be clocked the same, they just won't be able to reach the same boost clock speeds and overclocks.

Anyone know what to expect from the "fixed" models?
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  1. MSI said the newer models will be on Nvidia specs. so it will be normalized like the rest of them, with the voltage lock and normal turbo boost.
  2. So, what does that mean in terms of performance. Will they be unable to reach the same speeds of 1019/1097boost? Or will they simply be unable to OC as high as before.
  3. The EVGA 660 ti FTW has a 1044 base clock on what I would assume to be normal voltage. The TOP has 1059.
  4. does that meen it will lose its overvolting capability?
  5. The factory Oc shouldn't change much. However, with the voltage locked, any further OC will be much more limited than before.
  6. Hmmm. maybe I should go with an asus 660 ti then. that $329 for the Top is pretty steep though.
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