Need urgent help from forum members.

I have just installed fifa 13 in my pc.

And also copy paste the crack to game directory and then when i am going to run the game it opens normally.

With the pic of messi and ea sports, then it is still, after that nothing comes, then after waiting 5minutes, the flag comes and again it goes still.

And after that nothing happens, i am very much frustrated with dis.

I have uninstalled and again installed the game but same as before.

I have asked one of my friends, he is saying that my monitor resolution is not supporting to run fifa 13, but i have a lcd monitor in which i have played BF3.

My pc con:

Processor: AMD Phenom Xii 560 Black edition .

Ram: 4gb.

Mother board: Asus M4N68T- M LEV2

Graphics card: Sapphire Ati radeon hd 6750 1gb ddr5.

and last my monitor:
LG Flatron L177WSB

Please i need help urgently, waiting for your reply.
Your forum rocks, they helped me in choosing my Graphics card and will surely help in this.

Thanks in advance.
Will be waiting for your response.
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  1. You have a pirated copy of a game, and you're asking for help? Buy the game first, and then if you still have issues come back and ask.
  2. I am not the only one who use pirated copy for games, everyone doesn't has so much to play a game like you have.

    So if you want to help then help, otherwise go to hell.
    Thnks for your comment.
  3. Please help me out forum members, expecting that will get reply soon.

  4. sumit1001 said:
    Please help me out forum members, expecting that will get reply soon.


    nah, don't particularly like software pirates
  5. Don't pirate, it's against forum rules.

  6. forum rules do not permit to help for pirated software read them carefully ,also please be polite or we will ask mod to close your post
  7. This topic has been closed by The_Prophecy
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