Ok, have devised this system

i5 3570, Asus H77-MLE,
8GB Kingston RAM -472.00
WD Green 1TB - 122.00
Intel 330 120GB - 163.00
Antec HCG-520W - 116.00
Antec Three Hundred -101.00
Win 7- 153.00
Gigabyte 7950 - 504.00


With HDD, no SSD- 1469
With no HDD, SSD - 1509

My budget was $1500, so im not sure whether the SSD or HDD is better. I was thinking taking the SSD and then buying an external hard drive later and plugging it in with usb 3.0 for all my movies etc.
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  1. That SSD you picked it a bit expensive. Go with the Samsung 830 128GB instead. Its cheaper and performs better.
  2. Ok thanks :)
  3. The 830 is $20 dearer?
  4. Are you in the US? Because most of these parts seem really expensive.
  5. New Zealand
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    If you decide to get just a HDD, don't get a green drive. Slow OS drives do not make for fast computers. Get a Seagate Barracuda or WD Black instead.

    Yeah, those prices seem off to me, even for Kiwi prices.
    Might want to check around and see if other stores have similar prices, to see if its just your store that's got high prices.
  7. Ah that makes sense. The 830 should be cheaper yes.
  8. They are a bit higher, but the store im getting off have free shipping :)
  9. Plus i am getting a deal with them, like $150 off.
  10. I will go with SSD then, thanks for help!
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