Which power supply is better for hd6770 1gb ddr5

guys i have asrock b75
4gb ram
core i5 3570K
and confuse about the graphics card and powersupply
which 1 should i take 6770 or 7750.and which power supply is better between cooler master and thermaltake plz help me out guys
and i dont want to OC my any components
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  1. The Cooler Master Silent Pro Series models and the Thermaltake Tough Power Series models are the only ones worthy of consideration.
  2. thanks
  3. A 6770/7770 consumes hardly any power at all.

    Heck, a 520w unit like this: (on sale for 45 bucks with promo code, great deal)

    Would be sufficient for crossfire 6770/7770's, it even has the appropriate amount of PCI-E power cables.
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    That Antec is a decent power supply, that's the way I would go. Also, make sure you spend the extra $10 or so for a 7770, the performance increase is worth it.
    (the 5770, is the same as a 6770)
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