Cpu advice for new home theatre build

Im building a new home theatre pc and heres the build so far

Case - Coolermaster Haf Xb
Ram - 8GB XMS2 1333
Video - HIS HD 6670 2GB
Antec Earth Watts 500w PSU

However i cant decide on a cpu..ive been between the 4100,4170 and 6100. The most ill spend on the cpu is $120. Any suggestions?
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  1. If its a HTPC then just get a cheap Ivy Bridge i3.
    Performance isnt really a consideration moreso than power consumption. This also means you wont have to get a GPU since it has integrated graphics.
  2. thanks for the input im leaning torward amd since theyre cheaper. im considering that 6300 seems like a great value.
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