What parts for a software engineer / semi-gamer build?

I figured the i7-3770K processor, 16GB Ram, SSD for boot drive plus large IDE software, RAID with atleast two 3TB hard drives for storage, a nice Mobo:

GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UP5 TH LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard with Dual Thunderbolt

And I am not sure on the case, but it needs to be quiet. And then, anything you think I need to add/change? And what GPU should I get for just a low to medium gamer in probably the $150 price range?

Any input would be appreciated!
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  1. hm for the gpu id recomend the 7850 its a little over the 150$ range but other then that its good if u need something under that for the 7770
    and case i dont want to put input into cause you will have to look that up your self
    at least i can say some company's like rosewill corsair nzxt corsair usely has very quiet cases
  2. first of all, are you going to overclock this machine. and second, do you really need 6tb of storage. i cannot imagine myself even using 1tb

    id get this

    if you want to go even more silent, you can pay 50 bucks more for the foamed up version of the case
  3. I am considering overclocking it, I atleast want to have to potential to in the future. Would the Noctua NH-D14 65.0 CFM CPU Cooler work for overclocking, to maybe 4.2GHz? And I like that build, it is pretty much what I was thinking, thanks! And the 6TB, I figured I would have a RAID 1 setup so if one of the drives failed I had another drive with the same data, so I would basically just have 3TB of storage. I have never setup a RAID before, so perhaps I have the wrong idea of it. But I figured 3TB could fit pretty much anything for a long time, plus lots of Blu-Ray movies :D
  4. And I am thinking for the case a Fractal Design Define R4 Black. I really like the look, and features of it.
  5. if you are overclocking to only 4.2ghz, you are wasting the noctua's full potential.

    yeah ok. ill give you that option

    the titanium R4 is 6 bucks cheaper. why not
  6. How much could the noctua allow for an overclock? And I haven't ever actually overclocked, but from what I read it is pretty straight forward. Should all of the parts you put together in pcpartpicker allow for overclocking? And just for my future reference, are there specific features I should look for when putting together a PC for overclocking? I know the CPU has to be unlocked, but other that is pretty much everything compatible? And thanks for the help so far!
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    it let me do 4.5ghz and beyond if i would try with my i7 3770k. depends how lucky you strike with your chip

    everything i picked would be ready for overclocking
  8. Okay thanks! And would you recommend the Intel Performance Tuning Protection Plan ( - I think it is only $25 bucks and provides protection if I break the processor by overclocking. And just out of curiosity, what should I look for when looking for parts compatible to overclocking?
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  10. if you want that piece of mind, go ahead but CPUs are pretty hard to damage. they have many failsafes so that noobs dont set their rig on fire. you will be limited by the temps before you can fry your chip though

    as i said, everything in my build is ready for overclocking. you just have to buy the parts to get cracking
  11. alright, and thanks!
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