GT640m and new Nvidia driver problem, black boxes, bands glitch

Hello, I just bought a new Lenovo Z480 laptop with a Gt640m graphics card and intel i5 3210 cpu with HD4000 graphics using Windows 7 64.

The problem is that the Nvidia driver (295.73) that came with the install CD runs fine when installed but does not have the option for adaptive vsync which I need, and in the Nvidia control panel there is only the 3D settings option, there are no Display and no Video options either which is unusual. When I install one of the newer drivers from Nvidia such as 306.23 or 306.97 there are still no adaptive vsync options and also black boxes and bands glithces appear all over the screen when gaming.

I have uninstalled and re-installed using driver sweeper, cc cleaner, safe mode etc to make clean installs.

Does anyone have any experience with this or insight into this problem? Any help much appreciated.

P. Thomas
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  1. I think i'm having the same problem - I just got a Lenovo Y580, with the GTX 660M graphics card, Windows 7 64.

    Came with the same outdated driver, which i updated to 306.97. However, with both the new and the old drivers, i get glitches (pops of random color, bands, etc) when the card is active. Even the little preview (in the nVidia Control Panel, "Adjust Image Settings with Preview"), which just demos a 3D spinning nVidia logo, has these glitches! So, it isn't any of the games I've tested - it something wrong with the hardware or the driver.

    I'm really hoping it is just a driver issue...
  2. let's hope it is the driver - actually the driver i'm using is 295.93 which came with the CD and is the same one on Lenovo website - i've a feeling it's a driver issue
  3. Problem Solved: after installing some other games, there were various artifacts on all of them some more severe than others, flashes, shards, glittering type artifacts etc i sent the laptop back to Lenovo service and they changed the mainboard, they told me there was a problem with the 'Nvidia Chip'. Anyways all fine now. However, still don't have the option for adaptive vsync in the Nvidia control panel with 306.23 drivers nor does that option in Nvidia inspector work, but it's not a big issue, just don't know why I don't have the option with this card and those drivers.
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