Cache SSD?

Hi all, Does anyone here have any experience with a cache ssd? I'm considering trying it due to issues i've been having with stuttering when entering new areas in games. Can anyone say this is a solution from experience? Also I currently have a dual boot system with xp x64 and 7 x64, is it possible to set up a cahe ssd with a dual boot system? I've read reviews and it looks like a cache ssd will decrease loading times dramatically, my main concerning is the new area stuttering. If anyone can provide feedback it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

System Specs
Asus HD 7870
16 gig ram
asrock 990 fx xtreme 4
corsair gs 700 psu
western digital 1tb hdd x 2
Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Windows xp x64
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  1. I would rather use a non-cache SSD.
  2. what games are you getting this "stuttering" in?
  3. black ops and cod5 it only happens when entering a new area and when i first start the game then it smooths out. Any suggestions would be great. I only have these issues with Ati cards my current one is a asus hd 7870. My nvidia cards play it flawlessly the ati cards also take longer to load the game. Thats why someone had suggested a cache ssd as a possible fix.
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