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I have recently bought a new laptop for me personally, gaming and school work. I have started getting 10-30 FPS while playing League of Legends and I don't know why. When I first played LoL on my new computer, I had solid 60 FPS. I have tried formatting to factory settings but that's about it. I am desperate for help so please help!

Here are my specs for my laptop:
Name: HP 15.6" Pavilion dv6-7031TX Notebook
Graphics card: Nvdidia Geforce GT 630M- 2GB and integrated graphics card (the intel 4000 or something like that)
Processor: Intel core i7
Processor speed: 2.3GHz - 3.3GHz

Here is the website with the specs of where I baught my Laptop,

Please help ASAP! :) :) :) :) :) :)
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  1. your video card just isn't fast enough. try playing it on lowest setting
  2. ^ False

    OP said he had 60 FPS when he first played it, besides, his GT 630M is decent enough to play LoL.

    In the power options of your laptop, make sure it is set to high performance mode, also have a look at your task manager to see what's hogging your resources while you play.
  3. Okay I changed my power options to high performance mode, next time I play, I'll check the different processes while I play...
  4. i got the envy dv6 7215tx (basically a 7031tx with a very slightly better cpu and full hd screen and blu ray, more RAM and HDD, the graphics card is exactly the same). I have this program called razor game booster, i dont know how well it works but I use it, and it stops all background applications lhopefully speeding up ur game :)

    I also noticed your from New Zealand :3 join da club buddy
  5. dude your graphics drivers update then to the latest version, then use geforce experience to optimize game-play, if that fails, check that your gpu is not overheating, use real temp , tell me the temperatures under-load? because if your gpu is overheating, it might be reducing its clock speeds to protect itself, sacrificing fps, hp is known for using short pc leg that restrict airflow. try raising the back of your laptop. also make sure you fan and heat-sink is cot covered in dust, use a can of compressed air, if the overheating issue still persists, then you might have to replace the thermal paste... ONLY if your computer is overheating.. for your gpu temps, launch a game, while its running, open real temp, in real temp click settings, after that look for a tick box labeled nvidia,tick it, after look for a MAX tick box and GPU tick box. they should be together. apply and close, now after finishing the game with real temp in the background, what is you max cpu temp and max gpu temp? (click on the "gpu Xc" it will open a separate box)
  6. if your laptop if not overheating, ignore everything i said except updating drivers and using geforce experience to optimize LOL. Cheers!
    let me know how it went :D
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