MSI GTX 670 PE dangerous?

I ordered a GTX 670 lastnight after talking to afew people on this forum and i was happy with my card coming today untill i found this.,18013.html

and they're releasing a new model next month?

Is this something i should worry about and return this card on arrival? or just keep it due to the 3 year warranty?

Is it dangerous?
What will it affect?
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  1. I have one, and have had no issues with it. The problem occurs when swapping the card from build to build, which some find inconvenient. Personally, I have no need to do this, and it does what I want it to do exceptionally. The 3 year warranty is what keeps me from reconsidering at all, as if the card breaks under normal usage, then that's for them to fix.

    They probably won't release a new model next month as it has to do with the voltage regulation chips being over-volted beyond specification, in turn, allowing for the stated triple over voltage. MSI pulled a fast one here, but I personally think they know this card will work fine, or they wouldn't have put a 3 year warranty on it.
  2. Yeah well i am also willing to trust it due to the 3year warranty... However if anyone has any other input that would be great!

    Thanks loco
  3. They are said to have a high failure rate compared to other 670s, but how much of that is having crap PSUs, user error, and BS, IDK. I'm inclined to trust them, but this is what I've read.
  4. It's fine cards going back anyway.. Opened the packet box was opened and card smelt like crap
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