Which would be better for gaming

Though laptops are not for gaming but I have option for two laptops

One is HP G6-2005AX which has quadcore A8 processor clock speed 1.9, turbo may take it to 2.8 :??: and it 1 GB AMD Radeon HD 7670M Dedicated 512 MB AMD Radeon HD 7640G Graphics Integrated

second one is HP Pavilion G6-2136TX which got i3, 2nd gen 2.3 GHz 2350M and 2 GB AMD Radeon HD 7670M

Between these two which one would be better for gaming??
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  1. I'd go for the second one.
  2. Get a Lenovo Y580.

    Core i7-3630QM
    4GB DDR3
    GTX 660M 2GB GDDR5
    15" Full HD Display :D

    Where do you live though? and what is your budget?
    IMO, both those laptop ain't that good if you're in the market for laptops around USD600-1000 ;)
  3. @greghome: But price is also a factor :)

    but seriously some people told me that A8 cpu has better passmark rank than i3 2nd gen

    and to some people dual graphics seems better as they say 2 gb graphics card is useless.

    but if i wish to play graphic enriched games (mind the budget) in either of these two laptops which one should I choose
  4. Budget and Location, I bet I could find a laptop that can beat both those HP's in performance and built quality :P

    But seriously, what AMD is that? what exact model ?
    and No, dual graphics isn't necessary better, usually more troublesome,
    as for the 2GB Graphics.......it's usually useless depending on what GPU you're getting.

    eg. GTX660M 2GB GDDR5 > GT635 2GB GDDR5 by a mile......
    it's not the memory size that matters, but the GPU itself
  5. The processors specs are as per below
    Processor APU Quad Core A8
    Brand AMD
    Cache 4 MB
    Variant 4500M
    Chipset AMD A70M
    Clock Speed 1.90 GHz With Turbo Core Technology Upto 2.8 GHz

    and intel one I already specified....
  6. It's a A8-4500M Trinity then.
    still, what is your budget ? I honestly don't think you should get either.

    Are you by any chance Indian? as soon as I google that HP, I get indian prices and indian forums about it...... :/
  7. Budget is 683 USD..not more than that....

    so both of them are rubbish but out of these i3 and single graph then? or trinity?
  8. If that's the maximum then get the AMD system then. It's better on the basis that it has dual graphics.
  9. but you just said dual graphics is troublesome and this AMD has dual graph
  10. Any one any more suggestions on this topic please
  11. troublesome, but gives performance when it works perfectly.
    either way you can always just disable it via CCC
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