Is a 7970 Ghz Edition faster then a HD-6990

Hi I am currently running two hd-6990. They are extremely noisy and some time hot too. They do use lots of electricity. But bottom line is I am not at all concern about these disadvantages. I have good coolers of heat and a good sound system/Headphones. I play with 5760X1080 resolution. These monster cards are able to run all games on max settings.

I was going through some forums. Its was mentioned that a 7970GHZ is more powerful then a HD6990.

Its it true ?
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  1. overall I'd say it's too close to call, maybe by a little (HD 7970 GHz) THOUGH NOT BY MUCH..
    in a few specific games like BF3 the HD 6990 does better.
    look here:

    so the game and resolution plays a little bit of a factor in the better GPU as well.
    factor in power consumption and other perks for the HD 7970 GHz over the HD 6990.
  2. there about neck and neck depending on the game ?
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  4. Do I need any upgrade from a crossfire 6990 setup ? I know that I may not required a upgrade now, but at bigger resolution high-end graphics cards also don't last long.
  5. sell the 6990's and get you a pair of 7970's GHz's...
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