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I am not looking for gaming purposes, but I know you all are who to ask when it comes to graphics cards! I am looking for a laptop that will be running an electronic health records program that mainly runs off flash. They recommend a discrete class graphics card. The graphics card I am looking at is Intel HD graphics 3000 with 128mb dedicated memory supports direct x 10.1. Does this seem/sound like it would perform. This would basically be the main thing running on it, no games ever. Any help? I just don't know *** about graphic cards and I know you all do! Please help!
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  1. What you mention is Not a Discreet graphics card, it's what's incorporated into the CPU. You need to look for a 660M or similar
  2. If is just flash, it should be ok. But intel HD 3000 is an integrated graphic card, and it use the main memory. Which laptop are you look at?
  3. The HD3000 should be able to handle this flash-based program you will be using.
  4. Yes it will be fine. We might also be able to find better deals if you can tell us a budget.
  5. k1114 is more than right.
    We can help you find a superb deal if you tell us the possible budget.
  6. to be clear, when it comes to a laptop, the single most important question you need to ask yourself is... how long do I need this machine to last?

    the single most fundamental answer is always incorporating the best GPU available at the time of purchase, based on the budget, of course. With laptops and now the advent of SSD's increasing performance substantially, it's the GPU that will cause the laptop to be worthless in a given period of time. There will be a point where the GPU will not be able to process the video, or do so while almost overheating, which causes other issues.

    So, to put it lightly, you never want to "settle" for what will "just be enough" unless you don't care about longevity, becuse there will always be a new program to take advantage of processing power.

    my $0.02
  7. This is a health records program. Not gaming, video editing, or anything strenuous. While more software is gpu accelerated these days, programs like these will stay cpu based for programming simplicity and stability as they don't need processing power. I'd take an i7 over a better gpu in this case. Other office tasks are similarly cpu based and the gpu is mostly idle. But I do agree with getting the best you can within the budget which is why I asked for a budget.
  8. An i7 would do much better in this situation than anything faster than a HD3000/HD4000.
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