Upgrading Help on my Compaq SR1950NX Please

hello all i want to do a bang-for-the-buck upgrade on my comp
cheapest video card possible that can run WoW better than I am currently.
- all settings on low but with view distance on high
nothing fancy, this is just to improve gameplay a bit until I build a new PC

Compaq Presario SR1950NX
AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3800+ 2.41 Ghz
2.5GB RAM (pretty sure its miss-matched will be getting 2GB of the correct RAM to total 3.5GB RAM)
Integrated Nvidia Geforce 6150 LE Video Chip
Stock PSU - 300w
3PCI Slots (2Open)
1PCI Express
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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130602 This should work for world of warcraft, and stay within the limits of your power supply.
  2. my RAM isnt DDR3 is that ok?
    just ran a scan on my RAM:
    DDR PC2700 1GBx2
    DDR PC3200 512MBx1 (think this is what came with it)

    if DDR3 on the GPU is ok with my comp would this 210 be better?

    or this card?? says PCI 2.1x16 - backwards compatiable?
  3. Never ran any XFX cards, from previous reviews EVGA was a bit better so between the two I chose EVGA. Your motherboard memory will not have any conflicts with video memory.
  4. Spend a tiny bit more money and get a GT 520, it meets the 300W PSU requirement and it'll blow the 210 out of the water.

  5. hmm alright, was going to ask about the 520 think I saw it on tigers for cheaper
  6. I have also put these in a Dell OEM case with a 300w PSU:


    They're just a bit more pricey, but the performance gain is phenomenal. Well over a GT 520.
  7. hello all i want to do a bang-for-the-buck upgrade on my comp
    cheapest video card possible! Thats why I went very cheap because you did not want spend$ because you were going to build a new PC.
  8. ended up getting a radeon 5450 512mb for free

    works great compared to the last ~7 years of WoW/D2 on the integrated 6150 LE
    comp responds faster and WoW can be played on "good" at 40fps

    now my only question is, is this safe?
    it came out of a modern prebuilt with a 300w PSU but ive seen a few spec lists/reviews saying it needs minimum 400w
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