LCD Backlight Bleeding, Mura Effect, Clouding?

Trying to figure out what's wrong with my LCD/LED Tv, I used this as a monitor for two or three years, worked great. One day I was playing a game, and all the sudden in the corner of my screen I lost "brightness". This manifested in the bottom right corner of the screen, I spent many days and nights taking the TV apart and trying to fix the problem, searching it online etc... I couldn't really describe the problem either, it's sort of a dark cloud that's extremely annoying.

Recently, after a couple months and buying a new monitor, I have gone back to try and diagnose the problem. I came across an article on the "Mura effect" which seems to fit the problem I've been having.

Today, I completely removed the screen in the TV set, (pretty much the same kind of display in a laptop) I took that out, unplugged the connections, and laid it down. I firmly rubbed the screen of the TV with a clean cloth, (while it was off) for about 3-5 mins. I re-powered the screen to test it. Now the same shadow, cloud, is on the LEFT side. I really don't know how to fix this, nor have I seen anyone with my specific problem.

It's a 32" RCA tv, something you buy from Walmart. It's not the old RCA, it's a new revival of the series. This is a HDMI, 1080p Tv, flat not tube.

Please, please, any help would be appreciated. I will post a link to a picture I took in black and white so you can actually see where the screen is "bleeding color". The real color is blue.


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  1. So I did some more messing around today, I figured out why the black spot switched sides.

    There is a little tape connection in the bottom right corner of the screen, I don't know what it is or what it does, but when I plug it in upside down, the black spot switches to the other side, which makes me think that the little tape wire is faulty, any thoughts?

    Thanks again,
  2. Solved the problem, just tweaked the backlight board and that fixed it! THanks
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