Copper Shims on GPU ????

MY GPU HAS A RUBBISH COOLER AND FOR A QUICK FIX I WAS WONDERING WOULD A COPPER SHIM WORK?- i only ask cos xbox's and ps3's have them so are they worth it?
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  1. the cooler has to fit perfectly so no dont use a copper shim and get an aftermarket gpu cooler
  2. ok thanks, personal experience i take it?
  3. stevot1995 said:
    ok thanks, personal experience i take it?

    I can't speak for alvine, but back in the day, copper shims were used with some CPUs and heatsinks to get them to mate better. Essentially, these methods were ineffective.

    What GPU (video card) are you using (make/model)? With that info, we can recommend a good aftermarket heatsink.
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