Galaxy 660ti, 2GB vs 3GB version - any difference in performance?

Kind of silly for me to ask this now because I've already bought the card, but I can't stop wondering about this. I managed to get the 3GB version of this card on sale, it's usually $339 and I got it for $299, the same price as the 2GB version. (otherwise no way I'd pay that much more)

But is there any point to adding an extra 1GB? Especially with the memory bus issue, would it really do anything or add any performance in games? I was kind of hoping it would compensate for that somehow, but it probably just gets bottlenecked by the bus... I don't really understand how vRAM works. I'm only going to be using 1 display at 1080p by the way, but would it help at higher resolutions, or with stuff like MSAA?

I'm also wondering about how the extra GB will affect rendering times in applications like Revit or 3ds Max

Even if it doesn't do anything, I still got a beautiful card lol, I much prefer the look of this to the 2GB version (yes I'm shallow) And I know, I should've gotten a 670, but my budget was really tight and I was too stubborn to get an AMD card because I wanted all the Nvidia goodies.

2GB version

3GB version
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  1. You should defiantly have 2GB of a 1080 monitor but 3GBs aren't need until you get to 3 monitor setups.
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