My upgrade to a gtx 660 put me back further???

hi everyone i just upgraded my hd 6850 to a gtx 660. i live the card in all games except two. borderlands 2 and guild wars 2. i used to avg 50 fps in guild wars. now when im turning i drop to literally 0 fps for a coupe seconds. i wiped all the drivers off from the 6850. ot the latest 660 drivers and i get this??? why??? my performance dramatically dropped. in borderlands 2 i get like 30 fps. and dont even try phys x. my card is suppoesd to be good with phys x but for some reason its crap...

i really need help
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  1. full spec? check the gpu temperature?
    660 is better the 6850
  2. What's your system? CPU, mobo, psu, OS and all that. And your gaming resolution.
  3. rgd1101 said:
    full spec? check the gpu temperature?
    660 is better the 6850

    well my specs are

    MOBO:biostar ta790gx 128m
    CPU: phenom2 x4 945
    RAM:* gigs ddr2
    GFX: gtx 660 twin frozr

    i know the gpu never gets above 40 degrees. i have the twin frozr, stressed it and it never went above 40 degrees
  4. Hmmmm.....CPU bottleneck maybe?
    How much RAM?
  5. srry i meant to put 8 gigs
  6. im seeing in gpu z that my card is running in 8x not 16x???? would that cause my problems?
  7. while playing check if your gpu is running at full potential or not means near 100%
  8. the top PCIE slot is for your card, and the bottom slot is for the paddle card.

    You have to put that paddle card in slave PCIEx16 slot i.e. nearer to the CPU and then place your graphic card in the Master PCIEx16 slot whichis nearer to the USB header,JPANEL headers etc.

    if you have that correct then try this:

    In the BIOS, under Advanced Chipset Settings, select AMD 790GX config., and set "Internal Graphics Mode Config" to "Disable."

    Now select "PCI Express Confg." and select "Port #02 Features." Set "Gen2 High Speed Mode" to "Advertised RC".

    Save and Exit. You should now be running at 16X.
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