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Hi everyone I am new to the forms and wanted to know what you think my PC can handle and if its a good gaming PC. I'm pretty new to gaming PCS but my Friend been showing me how to build them and been reading for hours about just PCS in general so I think I learned a lot so built my rig off what I know. I will be playing on a Samsung 120hz 1080p 23in monitor and plan on maxing every game out on ultra. I play mostly shooters love BF3, assassins creed, gta, MOH, and few others like crisis (plan on crisis 3), witcher 2, hitman ect. SO pretty much can I max anything out with this set up? ok heres the rig and thanks for your comments:

Maingear f131 z77 SS
Asus maximus V gene
OC i5 3570k water cooled and OC to about 4.5 ghz
maingear 120 supercooler
8gb ram @1600 DDR3 (might get 16gb)
MSI GTX 680 2gb lightning edition
60gb ssd accelerator (I have 120gb in my alt-15, a maingear laptop, and is useless really all games are on external so 60gb just for OS and like steam maybe a game or 2 should be plenty. I mean of course not useless anything on it is stupid fast but I don't need that much room.)
2TB Seagate @7200
850 watt corsair gaming gold power supply
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  1. looks good, i would go for the 7970 instead of 680
    you have also forgot the case, psu is bit overkill with this config you can get away with a 650-700w
  2. I want to get 850 because eventually will sli or crossfire. I don't want to start a huge fight here but why are you more for the amd 7970? I love my NVidia gpu now a lot of my buddies got NVidia and no problems plus msi gtx 680 cools extremely well. Saw amd takes a while to update drivers is this true for you amd? IM not bias just honest answer not just Nvidia sucks cause they do not, neither of them suck. just straight forward opinion.
  3. oh and case id maingear f131 sorry if u didn't see its the same case origin uses called they call it chronos I think
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