When i install a graphics card both the graphics card and the integrated graphic

hello everyone
i ordered a graphics card and it came in the post today so i shut down my pc and unplugged all power and put the graphics card in then plugged all leads back in and connected my screen to the new graphics card and turned on my pc, the pc came on but there was no signal going to the screen so i turned off my computer and plugged the screen into the built in graphics and the same thing happend so i turned off the pc and took out the new graphics card and it was all working again. anyone know how to get the graphics card to work on my motherboard? i don't think there is a problem with the graphics card because it is a new one. the graphics card i am trying to get working is nvidia geforce 210 and my motherboard is ecs gs7610 ultra. thanks for any help. p.s when the graphics card is connected to motherboard there is power going to it because the fan on the card comes on but no signal going to the screen
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  1. sometimes you just get lucky with a bad GPU right out of the box.

    Before inserting the GPU again get into BIOS and make srue that the inital display (INT DISP.) is set to PCI Express. Other than that there are not a whole lot of settings to mess with. You ought to be able to plug it in and have it work without any extra power or wiring.
  2. Did you change the BIOS to go to the PCI-e card, may need to enable.

    Normal suspect would be the PSU, but then the 220 is a real low power consumption card - but can not be ruled out.

    The 220 only draws power from the MB not MB + an extrenal 6 pin Power connector on the back edge. (Might state make and model of PSU)

    The next question, Not familar with your MB, does MB have a seperate 4 pin Power connector to supply power to PCI-e slot (some do).
  3. i checked the BIOS before coming here, under PCI / Plug and play there is primary graphics adapter which was already set to (PCI Express card) then under that there is allocate IRQ to PCI VGA which is set to (yes) then under that PCI IDE Busmaster which is set as (yes). the PSU IS 405 watts, make is jeantech and modle PUFP-405P-JEA and yes the MB has a seperate 4 pin power connector
  4. OOPs my bad, should have been more specific. MBs have a ATX 4, or 8 Pin pwr connect which is soley for the CPU. some MBs also have a 4 Pin MOLEX connect for additional pwr to a GPU card.

    I'm gessing you have an IRQ conflict. For grinns try setting i to NO,

    If NO IDE (ie OLD IDE HDDs and CD/DVD drives) devices try turning that off
  5. the card worked when i set it to no but it stopped working again when i restarted my computer so i could connect my dvd drive so thought it might be something to do with dvd drive so disconnected that again but still the same :(
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