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When I try and hook my Gateway NV51B laptop up to my 42" Polaroid TV it does not fill the entire TV screen. How can I make it fill up the whole screen?
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  1. Change the resolution. It could be that the GPU in your laptop isn't 'good' enough to render a picture to a 42" monitor (like 1080p or whatever the case may be), it might only be able to output say 1440x900. What options for resolution do you have when plugged into the Polaroid?
  2. It depends on either your laptop GPU settings or your TV settings. First go into your laptop GPU settings and make sure the screen is in full screen mode, I don't know which setting this is as I don't know your video card. Perhaps you could tell us...
    In addition you need to go into your TV settings and do the same there. You might need to booklet if you've not great with electrical equipment. Sorry of stating the obvious but it'll be there somewhere. Good luck
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