When i install a graphics card both the graphics card and the integrated graphic

hello everyone
i ordered a graphics card and it came in the post today so i shut down my pc and unplugged all power and put the graphics card in then plugged all leads back in and connected my screen to the new graphics card and turned on my pc, the pc came on but there was no signal going to the screen so i turned off my computer and plugged the screen into the built in graphics and the same thing happend so i turned off the pc and took out the new graphics card and it was all working again. anyone know how to get the graphics card to work on my motherboard? i don't think there is a problem with the graphics card because it is a new one. the graphics card i am trying to get working is nvidia geforce 210 and my motherboard is ecs gs7610 ultra. thanks for any help. p.s when the graphics card is connected to motherboard there is power going to it because the fan on the card comes on but no signal going to the screen
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  1. Have you installed the appropriate software for the graphic card? From the Nvidia website or from the disk you received? It's likely that could fix it.
  2. What power supply do you have and which 210 is it (what company made it?).

    Either the PSU is too weak, or there is additional 6 pin power to the GPU that isn't plugged in.
  3. The GT 210 does not require an external power pin. Its a very low power non-gaming card.
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