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Hi I wan't to buy a new gpu but i'm stuck Between the gtx 550 ti and hd 7770. I know the hd 7770 is faster but im also worrying about my that's why im including the gtx 550 ti. The games i want to be able to play are hitman absolution,battlefield 3,splinter cell conviction,nfs the run ens. with medium detail at 1920x1080 and 1280x720

option 1: hd 7770
thermaltake 450 watt psu
1 case fan
R 1600/$ 183

option 2: gtx 550 ti
thermaltake 450 watt psu
3x case fans
deepcool rock man
R 1636/ $ 187

My problem is summer is here and it gets reely hot here about 45 Celsius/113 fahrenheit and my pc temps shot up im the 60's i currently have no fans in my case except the cpu fan.

pc specs: core i3 540
cooler master tx3
500gb hdd
foxconn h55mxv
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  1. I think you should definitely get some fans; a front intake and a rear exhaust would be good.
    Second, that Thermaltake "450W" PSU may be near junk if it's an older one with a little voltage switch on it. A quality modern PSU has some level of 80+ certification; it's not so much for the efficiency, but that it was tested at 100% of its label, and not only didn't die, but was also efficient (meaning it probably has some reserve capacity as well). Of course, 80Plus tests at an unrealistic 23C, but I still think this is a passing rule of thumb, because cheap junk would die even under those conditions. Better PSU brands include Seasonic, Antec, Corsair, XFX, FSP, and Enermax/LEPA. Not every model from those brands is great, but none of them outright suck. A 380W or 430W Antec Earthwatts, or 400W or 430W Corsair Builder would be sufficient for either of those cards.
  2. The Tt 450 is 80+ certified
  3. oh and the Tt 450 is R263 and the others u mention are R400+ im on a strict budget of R1650. So thats the reason I went with that psu
  4. Ok if it is 80+ it is one of the newer ones and should be ok. I'd get the HD7770 then, and at least one more fan.
  5. My pc only supports 1 extra fan thats why i included the fan controller in option 2 . The reason i have 3 fans is 1 itake 1 exuast and a 2nd cpu fan will i be able to get decent frames at 1280x720 on medium/high on those cards.
  6. Does anyone no if kfa2 is a good brand
  7. G@MER 01 said:
    Does anyone no if kfa2 is a good brand
  8. You can attach additional fans directly to your PSU as well, using molex connectors. Those fans will always run at full speed though, so you'll want 800-1000 RPM fans so your PC doesn't sound like a Cessna preparing for takeoff.
  9. So i should just get the hd 7770 and get the fans later.
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    If heat is a problem, I'd get at least one fan now.
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  12. Thanks. Adding the fan should really drop your temps.
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