AMD 7770 GPU usage goes to 99% while gaming and crashes

Hello everyone,
I recently bought my self a AMD 7770 graphic card and have found to have an issue, for example when I play a match everything goes fine for like 5 min and then when there's a big explosion or something the GPU goes to 99% usage and the game gets black screen and crashes.

Does anyone know how to help me? I want this to go away :( :(
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  1. EDIT : I've also noticed that it crashes when browsing the web which also crashes the video drivers. Maybe it's the driver that is the problem?

    SPECS :
    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 Processor
    4GB RAM
    AMD 7770 MSI Graphic Card (brand new)
    600 W Power Supply (brand new)
    ASRock 4Core1333-GLAN R2.0 Mother board
  2. What brand and model PSU?
  3. Brand : ace Black Edition
    Model : A-600BR
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