Not happy with my xfx 7950

I bought a XFX double D 7950 and have issues with it. My monitor won't wake when my Pc sleeps unless I hit the power button.
I am using the 12.8 drivers from the AMD website. I don't get what 12.8 normal drivers are and what CAP drivers are at all.
None of this is as clear as NVIDIA has there driver page when it comes to drivers and what they do.
The AMD website is awful, I also get random flickering with this card it doesn't happen often but doe's happen enough to piss me off.
what drivers are most stabe with this video card? I am thinking of returning it for a GTX 660Ti or something.

I also plan to get a new monitor as the 27inch monitor I have sucks, are there any good 24inch Monitors for $200? I can do up to $300 plus tax but only if it is really awesome!pla!!!41801919199!g!!21144927319 this one looks nice.
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  1. Flickering and not waking from sleep usually means either a damaged cable or not correctly/fully inserted cable. Double check the connectors!
  2. Welcome to Tom's Hardware. :)

    The problem could be your mobo or your PSU. Upgrade them if necessary and if they are comaptible with your card, check for proper earthing. Also, see if the wire is not fitted properly, just as the above guy told. If you do all this , it should work just fine. Maybe your PSU is fried, who knows.\

    Take care :)
  3. I should clear things up abit it isn't so much flickering. I see like black lines tear across the screen sometimes. it is kinda like screen tearing but with blacklines. I had none of these issues with my old NVIDIA card. This does not happen at all when playing games just sometimes on the desktop and when browsing webpages.
  4. I also noticed when I put in the AMD 7950 I can't seem to get to my Saftey mode anymore. When I hold F8 it gives me an option for my HDD or Disk drive. I think the psu is fine but am not so sure about MB. I use a 750w Sentey 80 plus rated psu. It isn't the best psu in the world but seems fine. I do no overclocking and only run 1 Hard drive.

    Specs: Rampage 2, I7 980,12gb ram,750wpsu,1HDD,DVD drive,7950.
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