I have a display issue...Is it the on board gpu or the lcd??

Hi everyone,

My girlfriend owns a Dell XPS M1330 laptop. The motherboard on it crapped out a while back. I found a motherboard online and replaced it. The laptop worked fine for about 3 weeks. After that she told me that it froze and had green and pinkish vertical lines on the screen. She turned it off after that. Now when I start the laptop, the screen is greyish vertical lines and then eventually the lines become colorful (green, pink, bluish, etc). If I hook up an external monitor via hdmi and then start the laptop, the laptop starts normally and the screen is fine and displays the windows boot properly on the external monitor. At the same time, the lcd screen attached to the laptop still shows the weird lines.

Is this a gpu issue or is it an lcd issue? I have googled it and I can't find any conclusive results. I figured since the external monitor is working fine then it probably isn't the gpu but still I have no clue. I have also read that this laptop model has had a significant amount of gpu failures, so it wouldn't surprise me if this was the case.

Let me know what you all think.


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  1. gpu issue, u could try put a copper shim, usually in laptop i find that the cpu is slightly higher than the gpu, the heatsink cannot shift heat effectively, place a copper shim on the gpu. if this does not work i think its the video controller on you laptop lcd. also problem with inverters but that just dim or backlight gone out.
  2. I am just curious how it could be the gpu if an external monitor works just fine. I booted the computer and used my tv via hdmi and everything is fine and I used it for about an hour without an issue before shutting it down. I am starting to think it is just the lcd screen on the laptop itself but I am not 100% sure. Maybe it's only the cable or inverter? Does anyone have any expertise that they could add in?


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