Who is better: G41 GPU or Intel HD 2000?

I have an Intel Core i3 2100 at 3100 MHz. My RAM memory is 2 GB DDR3. today i saw a friend´s pc an it has an G41 chipstet, when i ran GPU-Z, i t said in a couple of things that the g41 was;:

Hd 2000 G41
ROPs 1 4
Shaders 6 Unified 10 Unified
Pixell Fillrate 0.8 GPixels 2.1
Texture Fillrate 0.8 GTexels 2.1

that means that in some things the G41 is better?
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  1. No. The HD 2000 is better. The G41 runs a x4500 GPU, which is terrible.
  2. Which one better,i3 2100 or i3 3220?
  3. 3220
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