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Hello, i recently purchased the gtx 680 to upgrade from my old gtx 560 ti. I've noticed a nice improvement from the 560ti, but I still feel like I'm not getting what I paid for. During games like assassins creed 3 or hitman absolution, my fps drop to the low 20s occasionally while looking at certain areas but usually I do get 60-75fps. The sudden and random drops to the low 20s cause most games to be unplayable for me. Yes, I do play every game maxed out because I thought that a 680 could obviously handle anything. I'm trying to figure out whether my cpu is actually a bottleneck or there is actually something wrong with my computer. Here are my specs...

msi gtx 680 2gb oc
i5 2400 @ 3.1ghz
8gb ram
850w psu
msi z77a gd65 motherboard
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  1. i really have no idea what the problem would be but my guess would be the drivers or the game needs to update :/ also ur cpu shouldent be bottlenecking it at all
  2. I always update drivers when they are available. 1 more thing i forgot to mention is that I also notice that my gpu usage drops down significantly when my game drops down to the 20s while looking at certain areas. Maybe this is normal but i'm very curious as to why that happens. Shouldn't the gpu usage be higher and not lower during a graphically intensive scene in a game?
  3. ya that is weird i cant say id no the answer the cpu usage should stay very consistent
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