Should i crossfire or get the gtx 690 or wait for 790

Hey everyone i just bought a new computer im running
i7 3820
ultra lsp750 750 watt power supply sli ready
32GB kingston hyper x
MSI 7850 power edition radeon hd
and a corsair H80

I was wondering if i should get another 7850 and crossfire it or get the gtx 690. The other option is to wait for the 790
to come out because the 7850 will last till then. Thoughts?
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  1. Well first of all you'll want to upgrad that power supply. It's a very crappy brand and I wouldn't trust it.

    What is the motherboard?

    What resolution are you playing at? Unless you're gaming on three screens a 690 will be overkill.

    Chances are I'd recommend a second 7850.
  2. What is your resolution? If you're at 1080p you should be fine till the next generation.
  3. Wow on the ram you bought.. I surely hope you doing something with video/photos... Crazy
  4. im using the asus rampage iv im playing at 1080p
  5. what power supply should i be getting?
  6. "because the 7850 will last till then"

    If your present graphics performance is satisfactory, then you must wait. Two things happen over time:

    ONE: Computer hardware becomes cheaper

    TWO: Computer hardware becomes faster

    Six months from now 680's and 7970's will be cheaper as will 690's and 7990's

    The new generation of 790's and 8970's will be out or coming.

    Your best bet is to wait until your present graphics performance is not acceptable and upgrade. Perhaps go from single card to SLI/Crossfire or to new much more powerful card.

    With a 1080 display, even a 670 or 7950 should be plenty as would crossfiring your 7850's. 690 or 7990 would be overkill and a waste of money.
  7. thank you thats what i was thinking
  8. I would go for a Crossfire instead a a card with two GPU's onboard. The reason is as I understand it you can't disable one of the GPU's on a dual GPU board if you have a game that does not work correctly in Crossfire mode. Plus with by going with two cards they are usually clocked higher than two GPU boards.
  9. With a double GPU board what you get is the two high end GPPU's downclocked because of heat limitations. Drop down to the next lower single GPU board and get two of em and you invariably get more performance for a lot les money.
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