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I just loaded a fresh install on WinXP PRO on a IBM 30G drive using NFTS. I got all my apps and games working fine for now. I have an additional IBM 30G drive that I would like use for a backup. What utility would I use to make a miror image of my main drive. I would like to have this so if I need a reinstall, I am alreay mostly done. Is this feasable?


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  1. Norton Ghost comes to a google search on disk image software too


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  2. I like Drive Image 5.0. It's great because you don't need to use the boot disks at all (to image and restore), and you can schedule it. It's done in around 10-15 minutes. (I have the same setup, with a 60GB second hard drive instead)

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  3. Have tried to do that myself...
    Have Norton SystemWorks with Ghost and it wont let me create an image on a second drive or partition that's NTFS... bummer - it wants(needs a Fat32 files system to store the image on. And it wont DirectCD write it to a CD either(as the doc says)

    Am all NTFS! Will newest release of ghost or driveimage write to NTFS partitions? In general the release of SystemWorks with Ghost I have(2001.04 bld 55)won't do anythoing with NTFS, except Clone a partition from 1 drive to another with the Ghost boot disks). When up and running within W2k, Ghost doesn't like to do ANYTHING with NTFS - a real bummer and quite useless!!!

    Whatdoya have to do? Change partitions and network drives back to Fat32 to save an image? Anyway aroound it?
  4. Ouch, man. Perhaps create a partition dedicated for images. I can't think of anything. My data filesystem is FAT32, and after hearing you say that images can't be stored in a NTFS filesystem, maybe I can't use NTFS like I've been asking about. :frown:

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  5. What about when you buy a new hard drive. Sometimes there is a disk in the box, a utility to transfer your data to the new drive? I usually throw them away as I usually do fresh installs only, but that is getting old. I can't believe this would be an impossible task?


  6. Unless you're gonna <b>replace</b> your hard drive, I don't really use that utility. I have better ones, like Drive Image and PartitionMagic that I use to either copy a whole partition to it. In my case, when I got a 60GB hard drive for the safety precaution in case my IBM 75GXP goes up in smoke, I used Partition Magic to split it up, to format it, and to copy my data to it.

    (Was that too confusing? I hope seemed like it was...)

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  7. Just a suggestion...

    use the built in ntbackup.exe program. Backup the following items to your 2nd drive:

    Documents and Settings
    System State Info

    Schedule this backup to run frequently. If you ever lose the system simply do a repair and then restore these 3 items and voila...system is running again fine.
  8. Guess what? My hard drive started choking. So, I have to send it in for a replacement. I knew it was only a matter of time... :frown:

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