1GB vs 2Gb Power requirement of Graphics card

Okay...suppose I have GT 440 or GT much more power will be needed for the same graphics card model but for 2GB size? Will the 2GB version need significantly higher power?? PLZ help
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    The GPU's memory will change the power need by about 10 watts but if you are using any monitor smaller than 1080 than you probably won't need 2GBs and you could save some money.
  2. The power need between 1gb and 2gb cards is not that great so I would go for the 2gb version as new games are need more and more ram anyway and that requirement is only going to go up in the future.
  3. My screen highest supports res. what would be a good choice?? 1GB or 2GB??
  4. If using 0-10 more wattz are money isn't an issue get 2GB.
  5. Look,My PSU is 450 W and 15A @ 12V rail....I'm buying a GT 630, Money isn't issue...The PSU is....GT 630 need 65w power and 300w psu (from official geforce site)..and won't need any power I'm gonna buy it...but can't choose from the two options....1GB or 2GB??? Can my PSU handle the GT 630 2GB card???
  6. I ran a 5850 on a 15amp supply once. ran okay. these cards probably use less power.
  7. so what should I choose?? 1GB or 2GB ??? considering the PSU I mentioned above...please help..
  8. the cards are small so i don't know the impact 1 vs2......... get the 2......... res is high enough maybe it'll help.
  9. No not really.On cards this low end even 512MB will be enough.Also the 2GB memory is likely to have a higher latency which will make the card slower.If you can find a 512MB card buy it.Otherwise 1GB is the way to go.
  10. and there you have it.................
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