New Netbook- How to detect whether it was used one


I bought a new Acer netbook 725-0412 yesterday. Price Tag was written display. Office depot manager said it's brand new and reason for the display word on price tag was that customer wanted to have a look at it.

When I power on, it was setting up Windows 7 .

My question :

-> Is it possible that the netbook was on displayed previously and set to factory settings?
-> When do I search in the netbook to see if it was used before?


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  1. If it was in fact re-imaged back to factory image, there would be no way to tell. All system logs would have been overwritten as well.
  2. it could have been a refurb at that rate. all they do is send it back to the manufacturer and the re-fully validate that unit before sending it back to you. it should be perfectly fine to use
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