Wich card for my setup would be a good performance/price ratio

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Now until black friday

BUDGET: $100-200 CAD

USAGE: Gaming [Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2 and MMORPGs]

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: None so far, just built the computer, using the intel hd 2500 now meanwhile, 530 Watts rosewill green power supply

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: I5 3570 cpu, asrock b75m-gl motherboard, 8 gig ram

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Anything available in canadie ie: newegg, ncix etc..


MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1360x768 for now, new monitor maybe someday
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  1. Since I have such a low res, would this at 109.99$ after rebates be a good choice:

    Or I should go for a 7850/7870 on black friday?
  2. Well, the games you play aren't demanding, plus the HD7770 is a rather powerful card for what it is, and OC'es like a god.

    I'd get the HD7770 and use the rest of the cash to get a Full HD Display. ;)
  3. But will the 7770 lasts me a while? If it means spending 110$ on a card and having to replace it sooner than latter or spending 180$ now and not having to upgrade for years to come then id get a higher end card.
  4. Yeah i looked and thinking of getting a new hd display and a 7770. In that price rsnge the 7770 is my best bet? I know someone selling a gtx 460 for 60$. Better deal than a 110$ 7770?
  5. the 460 is on par with the 7770, but TDP is about double, so more heat, less OC headroom and the power consumption could be about twice as much as well.

    But for USD60, about half the price, I'd get it get a Fulll HD monitor and get a better card after a while or when u become unsatisfied with it
  6. Thought it was 60$ but it's 75$, oh well, still worth it right?

    75$ on a gtx 460 and the rest on a hd display. My computer desk won't allow me to get that much of a bigger screen though, maybe a 21 inch...
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    The 7000 series from AMD are the current gen cards. They will last you awhile. the rumors are the 8000 series will be out in February, so about 4 months away IF the rumors are true.

    The 7770 is a good card and does OC very well like greghome said.

    Here's the comparison benchmarks of the two head to head.

    Visual comparison of overall performance...VERY close. For the price, get the GTX 460 unless you really want to drop more coin on a better card.
  8. Thanks, will buy the gtx 460 for 75$ with a new HD display
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