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Hi all,
I have a Zotac gtx670, its just at stock clock speeds and stock everything. When i play BF3 or Borderlands 2 my 670 gets up to 80 degrees celsius and the fan starts going really fast and loud. I have cleaned it out and gotten rid of any dust in there and it still got really hot. My case is a Corsair Graphite 600t special edition with just the default fans, 200mm on front and top and a 120 on the back, i have also tried turning these up to full speed and it didn't work.

The way i see it there's two things i can do to get my temps down. Firstly i could replace the crappy stock cooler with a cooler like this one:

or i could put on the other side panel that my case came with and add 4 120mm side fans blowing onto the gpu. This would cost me $50.

I would prefer the second option because it is cheaper and in the future i plan on adding another 670. If i went for the first option and added another 670 i would have to buy another aftermarket cooler for the second card.

Would the four side fans drop my temps a significant enough amount? or would i have to buy the aftermarket cooler to see any difference?

cheers for any input
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  1. Side fans intaking cold air help a ton. I don't even think you would need 4. Mine just has one 120mm above the graphics card and it helps a lot. I would definitely try that first because 120mm fans are pretty inexpensive and doesn't involve potentially voiding your warranty.

    These are pretty well rated fans at a killer price for 4 so you can see how many you really need to bring down the temps:

    edit: Cheaper at amazon:
  2. its good to hear that the side fans will be adequate.
    I live in Australia so newegg and amazon can be expensive to post to Australia.
    Secondly I am very big on case aesthetics so i was thinking about purchasing 4 of these fans

    Any ideas on what sort of temp drops I could get?
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