GPU-Z says core clock at 0MHz?

Hey there Tom's!

So, I recently put a new powersupply and a GTS 250 in my mom's computer.
I updated all drivers, and ran GPU-z to check performance.

So here's my problem. Under both the graphics card and the sensors tab, it says both my GPU Core Clock and my GPU Memory Clock is 0.0 MHz.

Is there a way to fix this, or is it just a display error?
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  1. Are you using virtu mvp?

    Try to run a game and see if the GTS 250 is actually working aka check the frames against a benchmark
  2. What is the rest of the components in the system?

    What is the Operating System?
  3. I don't even know what virtu mvp is... I'm using GPU-Z to check the system, if that's what you mean.

    The rest of the components are a Phenom II X2 521 at 3.5GHz
    6 Gigs in 2 sticks of no-name RAM.
    A brand new Antec 600w PSU and a GTS 250.
    No name HDD and optical drive.
  4. ok, nevermind about virtu mvp.

    Try running a game and see if the gts250 performs as expected. Maybe GPU-z is just not able to access the info for some reason?
  5. Here's the thing... I've only used cards from the 9800GT and lower... and a GTX 670.

    So I have no experience with mid range cards, and I don't know what sort of performance I'd be looking for.

    I was hoping that'd be the answer - what's another reliable test I can use?
  6. Go no further than Toms!,2172.html

    See if your frames compare
  7. make sure both 6 pin pci power plugs are connected some video cards have 2 plugs. also check that you did not forget to plug back in the pci 12 power cable it be a 4/8 pin cable near the cpu.
  8. ... The system wouldn't boot without those.

    Everything is plugged - the graphics card has a single 8-pin.
  9. check that the in the bios the onboard video is turned off and the system is booting from the gpu. make sure the mb chipset drivers are installed.
  10. It's set to boot from PCI-e, and I'll double check on the chipset drivers.
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