Rate my new pc

just got done building this monster of a machine

thor v2 black computer case
intel core i5 3570k over clocked to 4.5ghz
corsair vengeance 1866 4*2= 8gb ram
asus p8z77 - v le plus
thermaltake 750watt bronze power supply
xspc 750 water cooling kit
evga gtx 670
64gb ocz ssd- os drive
128gb Samsung ssd- games drive
1tb 7200 rpm hdd- programs drive

i ran heaven engine and this is what the system scored. it does seem a little low to me

Min FPS:
Max FPS:
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  1. you will probably want to overlock a little just because its free performance, but yeah i would rate it at 9, the card is great thats what I have and i like it... hope your gaming goes well :D
  2. The only thing I do not like is the Thermaltake power supply, but they work, and that's all that matters.

    Have you run 3DMark yet? I've been wanting to compare my score to a 670 with a similar system. You will probably get higher, as your processor is clocked higher, but I just want to see it I guess.
  3. in 3d basic edition, so running it at 720p. i was only getting p8897, it seems to low for what i paid on the card
  4. Well, my 570's can only pull p9500. For a single 670, that seems pretty good compared to my SLI 570's.

  5. yeah i like the 670 just the fx-8120 bottlenecks it in some games :/
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