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So I've spent days researching and selecting, I'm basically aiming for a pc that can run current games like skyrim, witcher 2, Mass Effects on ultra/high, as well as high for more recent games far cry 3, hitman absolution assassins creed 3.

It'll be on a 19inch 1366x768 display for the most part, not interested in overclocking or a 3 screen gaming experience.

So here's my build

And for those who don't want to go to the link:

NZXT Gamma classic series Black steel atx mid tower case--39.99

Seagate Barracuda 500gb 7200rpm internal drive--59.99

PowerColor1GB Radeon HD 7750--89.99

CoolMAX ZX Series zx-500w atx 12v psu--39.99


Crucial Ballistix 8gb (2x4gb) ddr3 ram--32.99

Intel i5-3470 quad core 3.2ghz lga1155 processor--184.99

Asus B75 P8B75-M LE Mobo MAtx LGA1155 1600MHZ DDR3 SATAIII 6GBS, PCLe3.0--69.29

Total: about 517.23

So I've got a few questions things I'm just not 100% sure about
Can my MOBO support my graphics card?

Should I get a bigger or smaller psu?

Is there anywhere that I can lower the price and still have something that can work years from now?

Does the build work?

I'm somewhat new to all of this but feel fairly confident in the build, looking forward to your advice.
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  1. personally I would get this

    it is about $70 over, but it is a better all around build. It will allow for an additional 7770 later, as well as a MUCH better psu. If you are not going to crossfire no matter what, the motherboard you chose is also a good choice from a reputable brand.

    Good luck!
  2. Thanks so even though the gpu says a min of 400watts, the 430watt will be enough? With the i5 etc?
  3. The recommended wattage is an estimate for the whole system. So, unless you are going to add a lot of other add on cards or something like that, then you would be fine. You would have to get a 550-600w PSU in order to crossfire, but for budget's sake I went with the smaller one. If you gave a definite budget, and if you live near a micro center (a physical location) would allow me to better help you.
  4. Ideally no more than $500-520, and I checked for a microcenter none in my state! No I won't be adding anything extra, this is just a welcome to building pc's kinda build. My xbox360 has died on me too many times and I'm ready to upgrade. So I'm looking for the most wallet friendly way to enjoy high/ultra on skyrim masseffect etc, and high/medium for newer games in the coming years.
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    Then I would go with this
    It will easily max out all games at that resolution, and I know how you feel about the Xbox. Mine died multiple times, and I got tired of it so I built my current computer. Since then I have become hooked on hardware, and am never going back to consoles.
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  7. Thanks! I'm going to look it over a little more but this is most likely what I'll be ordering later tonight.
  8. Your motherboard can support faster ram I highly rescanned upgrading (same price) to a ram with a cas latency of 9
    The best on the market for its price and speed is
    G. Skill Ripjaws X 8GB (2x4) DDR3 1600 Cas Latency 9
    Get it cheep here:
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