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Hd6670 or the gt630

Im looking for a replacement for my dead hd2400xt and need some help.
so its between the hd6670 and the gt 630. i only have around $65 and $70 to spend on a new card
here are the pc's specs.

processor: AMD Phenom 9500 quad core 2.20 ghz
RAM: 3gb ddr2
screen: 1280x720p
PSU: 300w
Motherboard: unknown

pc will be used to play the sims 3 and other similar games hopefully at near max settings along
with watching hd video. I could play games like L4D 2 at medium before card died.
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    the radeon hd6670 gddr5 is the better of the two by quite a decent margin. it should easily let you max those games at playable frame rates at 720p. or if you can extend your budget to $100 you could get the radeon hd7750 which uses less power than hd6670 while offering more performance. both are good performers but i would suggest the 7750. buy whatever suits your budget. you wont go wrong either way. i too have the 7750 and it offers amazing performance even at 1440*900
  2. HD6670.
    it's simply more powerful than the GT630 which is a GT440 rebadged.
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  4. alright thanks for the help here guys. ill get the 6670.
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