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I just upgraded to an i7-3770k and an as rock z77 extreme4. I also got a new corsair TX650M. But when Installed everything fine and system started up until it reached the "starting windows screen" where it just froze and then restarts, going on forever. I tried system restore and it stil does the same thing. Please help
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  1. Can you get into safe mode? New drivers are required for new motherboard. next will be repair install then reinstall windows.
  2. Same thing happened when I tried safe mode

    I also tried starting without the gpu, still same result
  3. Bumps. Please help!
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    You used the old hard drive with the original operating system right?
    If your OS was Windows 7 (vista too, I think)
    Get the OS's installation disc, boot off of that, and click repair my computer.
    Try to do something from there.

    What happened was that your old operating system (Windows 7?) had a file that sort of matches itself with your motherboard.
    When you switched your motherboard, that file (some .dll file) didn't 'recognize' your new motherboard and therefore would not let your OS boot.

    Hope this helps.

    How I know:
    I had the same problem. :pt1cable:
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