Upgrade GFX card in asus G72. is it possible?

So i bought an asus G72 for way more than i should have- $570.

is it possible to upgrade the video card in that?

Is there anyway to get more performance out of it?
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    It has a GTX 260m graphics card. It is decent but not great. You can easily max out crysis 1 on it. To increase perfomance, obviously, u should have more ram in ur lappy along with that, you gotta overclock it. Use RIVATUNER to overclock and CPU-Z to have a nice look at the temparatures.
    Still, check out overclocking for laptop videos on youtube.

    Hope it works out, take care ;D
  2. ya looks like i can run the upcoming AC3 on medium to maybe high settings but thanks! ill look into those!
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  4. But it does have 6gb of ram. im really not going to need more than that am i?
  5. 6gb right now is just enough :)
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