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Im looking to get a better graphics card iv never really upgraded my computer before, so i need a bit of help.
i have a HP pavilion 2022-uk and it only has 64 MB worth of graphics/video. I really need to have that alot higher.
What graphic cards may I use and decent enough for some good gaming?
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  1. And that will fit my computer and run ok?
  2. It should i can't guarantee it mate, the best way of gathering that information is if you measure the available space with a ruler or something, and compare with the GPU you are looking for Dimensions, but i don't think that is the problem, see, those pre-build computers always come with specs for optimum performance for the current hardware, and because of that they use normally use a Power Supply Unit that will fit the need only, so the problem is the default one in that model isn't safe for any good mid-spec card, normally they require at least a 400w psu from a good brand. Some other cards to consider
  3. yes it will fit in it...confirmed ;)
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