Hello Toms Hardware Community,

I Am Soon Building My New Gaming?/Video Editing Rig....
And i Need to Decide My Graphic Card Either The AMD 7950 or The 660 TI
But i want To Know If the 660 Ti is better at Rendering....
or does the AMD cards Support GPU accelaration in Sony Vegas
I want a card that can game as well as support GPU rendering
and also Can Someone Tell Me the Speed of CPU vs GPU rendering
And also if the 7950 supports GPU Rendering the difference between it and the 660 TI in rendering in Sony Vegas

Also Please Help me too choose 1 card....

Im Really Confused....

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  1. There is an answer in the other thread about this
    But simply Sony Vegas 12 uses OpenCL, if your using Vegas 12 as your software the 7950 will crush the 660ti very very easily
  2. From the reviews that I've seen on kepler cards, I have knew that the kepler cards isn't a card for rendering and 660 Ti is a card with crippled memory bandwidth so it will not work that fast at rendering, plus 7950 works really well with OpenCL (I hope I'm not wrong with this.

    So 7950 is a straight choice. And it outperforms 660 Ti in gaming too.
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