Graphics card for 720p (1280ish)?

I'm looking at getting a new graphic cards to get my best bang for the max resolution that my monitor supports. I've tried checking the charts, but the resolution is way above and beyond what I need.

I've currently got a gtx 570, that is loud and flaky and really want to replace it - just don't know what are the practical options are.


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  1. A GTX 570 is MORE than enough for 720p, do not know why you would want to upgrade. Really, if you feel that you don't have enough performance, the smartest thing to do there would be to SLI it, or if you feel it is too loud get one of these coolers:
  2. Thanks for replying. Sorry for not being clearer - I would like optimal performance, but the card is flaky (oem card that crashes) and loud.

    I guess what I"m looking for is something that will give me optimal performance at 720p + reliable + relatively quiet.

  3. No worries.

    What is your budget? From there we can suggest something that can suit your needs.
  4. GTX570 is overkill for 720p. One of the new GTX650ti's should be fine. Or if you went AMD there is the 7770, 6850, 6870, all of those would give you great performance at that resolution. You would be spending $100-$200.

    Here is the 650ti, dual fan model, should run quiet and cool. $160

    XFX DoubleD 6870 $170

    I wouldn't get anything better than those for 720p. I run a 6670 on my HTPC and it plays all my games @ 720p with high/ultra settings very smooth at 60FPS. The 6670 is a lot weaker than those cards I recommened.

    For $130 this is a good card too:
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