PSU broke

I have Q6600 + P5K PRO
I have just buy GTX 470 gainword GS
I have corsair CMPSU 750 TX (750Watt) with 3 years

this morning I turn on energy (not turn on PC) just energy arrive at PSU and broke PSU

the problem are 470? is too thirsty of energy?

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  1. Lets say that PSU is good enough to supply two GTX 680's with power on a typical i5 system.

    Make sure your power cable is inserted correctly into the Power supply, and if not, I believe Corsair have a 7 year warranty on most of their PSU's, in which you must be covered, unless you bought your PSU in 2005.

    Are you sure its the PSU? There are a couple of ways to check.

    The 24 pin cable is a very important one, too many times it can become a little bit loose and sort of go out of its socket. Check if your cables are all in properly, and if it doesn't work, then you might have a PSU problem.
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