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This is my first time to ever build a everything installed (except gpu, it hasn't come in yet) and just wanted to see if at least case fans and psu would work..flipped the switch and the psu fan comes on for 2 seconds then shuts off..there is a green LED light on the motherboard that lights up which means it's in standby power...but the case fans don't come on at all, the only thing that appears to work is the dvd drive. I can hear it running and it opens and closes fine. I press the power button on the case and nothing. I read somewhere the Corsair 650tx shuts itself off automatically if it thinks something is wrong so I don't necessarily think its a bad psu. Unfortunately I don't have the right adapter to do the paper clip test to run my case fan to the psu to see if that powers on. Any help would be greatly appreciated! My build is:

Corsair 500r case
kingston hyperX 8gb ram
Phenom ii 965
Hyper 212 plus
Asus M5A99X Evo motherboard
Corsair 650TX psu
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  1. Did you wire the motherboard correctly to the case?
  2. Wow, I wiggled the 24 pin and 8 pin cables from the psu, turned it back on and fans started spinning! So now all the fans spin, power button works on the case, but the mobo's vga led and the boot device led is lighting up red for a few seconds then it turns off. I've left it on and now the only lights on mobo that are on is vga which is red and standby which is green. Could it be a CPU issue?
  3. Well, does it boot and display to the screen?
  4. Sadly I have no monitor to hook it up to yet. My main concern was when it wasn't coming on at all, now I'm just wondering why that vga light is red. I won't have a monitor to test that part for a few more days :/

    Another weird thing is the case doesn't seem to have the speaker pins for the system panel connectors. It has HDD, Power, Reset and two 1 pin PLED + -
    So I'm getting no beeps when I power it on to help me narrow down the problem. Please bare with me, this is my first build and still learning a lot. If I can, I will post pictures if that would help.
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    Well, you might just want to wait for a monitor honestly. Then you can see if the computer gets into BIOS.

    You got the computer to boot, and that's a good thing. If you were unable to get it to boot, then we would have a problem.

    Some cases do not come with speakers. Sometimes they come with the motherboard too, but sometimes both just screw you over and you get nothing.
  6. Ok, I should hopefully be getting it within a day or two so I will try again then. Hopefully I can get it to load everything successfully. Thank you for your help!
  7. No problem.
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